Dave Roberts Sr. brings almost 50 years of experience in the beverage industry to his role of Co-Owner and Founder of Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum. Through the years, Dave Sr. has represented over 500 producers and visited over 100 wineries while working his way up the ladder from a trainee at Diageo to Chief Executive Officer of United Liquors.

It was in 1965 that Dave’s affinity for Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod began. He was on honeymoon with his wife Kathy and since then dreamt about owning and operating a vineyard. Over forty years later, when Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod went on the market, Dave's fantasy became a reality and he enlisted the commitment and support of his family as they embarked on this new endeavor and purchased the vineyard.

A mentality of first class hospitality is something that Dave and his family execute on every level. Whether it is through their sincerely curated tours, tastings, or special events, the team at Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum is committed to making every guest feel involved at their historic grounds and ensuring that each experience is memorable at this inimitable venue.

Dave has built a successful business based on five principles that are key ingredients for the longevity and future of Truro Vineyards and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum. They are: family (a sustainable family business with a balanced outlook on life), fine wine and spirits (all locally produced and high quality), first class employees (that create an imitable first class experience in Truro), friends (that double as valued customers) and fun (to truly enjoy the ins and outs of work every day).

In addition to his role at Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum, Dave serves as Trustee of Provincetown Art Association and Museum and is a Member of the Board of Corporators of Seamens Bank.



Dave Roberts Jr. brings years of professional experience and a burning passion for wine and fine spirits to Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum. Dave's curiosity for the beverage world ignited in his early 20’s while bartending and experimenting with home brews. Most recently, Dave served as bottling supervisor and brewer at Atlanta-based Sweetwater Brewing Company. It is here that he truly learned the ins and outs of beverage production while expanding his already impressive scope of industry knowledge. Since then, Dave's desire to craft and produce premium product has only grown.

In 2007, Dave joined his family as they fulfilled their dream of owning and operating a vineyard together. Dave is not only a co-owner, but also takes on the various roles of distiller, winemaker, assistant vineyard manager and utility infielder. Dave has dedicated years to producing estate-grown, reserve wines, and most recently, small batch and hand crafted rum. Inspired by mentor and winemaker Matyas Vogel of Truro Vineyards, Dave constantly strives to create an inimitable product in a discriminating market.

With a creative, humorous, and confident nature, Dave uses his skills and experience to bring both variety and quality to Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum. Currently residing in Wellfleet, Dave enjoys spending time with family and watching his kids play hockey.



Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer Kristen Roberts sees nothing short of opportunity when it comes to Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod and South Hollow Spirits Twenty Boat Rum. Kristen has a history with Cape Cod, having vacationed there with her family for as long as she can remember. It is for this reason that Roberts holds this beloved destination close to her heart and is determined to create unique experiences that are memorable and unforgettable for visitors of Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod. Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod is more than a winery, but a place where locals and travelers can enjoy beautiful wine in an exceptional setting.

Prior to embarking on the venture to start a family run winery in 2007, Kristen worked in the non-profit sector where she gained extensive leadership skills. These skills have proven essential in the success of Truro Vineyards of Cape Cod where their talented team is hands on in all aspects of the business during a very dedicated season in New England. Kristen has also gained invaluable knowledge working alongside her father, their family and talented employees which has them perfectly poised to introduce their new Twenty Boat Rum product line in 2014.

With a fun and loving nature, Kristen uses her knowledge of the Cape and hospitality first mentality to truly cater to her customer’s needs and look ahead to what she can provide them in the future. When Kristen isn’t on the Vineyard, she’s spending time with her two daughters at their home in Wellfleet.



As Brand Manager of South Hollow Spirits, Mariana Robertson is dedicated to spreading the gospel of craft distilling. Mariana’s genuine love for all things spirits includes an interest in the history of and innovations in the distilling world. At Truro Vineyards + South Hollow Spirits, you can find her behind the bar at the Hollow and giving tours of the distillery.

As a wash-ashore originally from Maryland, Mariana has fully embraced the tight-knit local community of artisans and small business owners that form the backbone of outer Cape Cod. With a love of good spirits, good wine, and good food, Mariana has found her ideal place at Truro Vineyards + South Hollow Spirits, and enjoys nothing more than sharing that with visitors and locals alike.

When Mariana isn’t at South Hollow Spirits, you can find her reading a good book on the beach, planning her next adventure, or drinking like it isn’t her job.

Dedicated to all the bootleggers of Cape Cod.
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