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Dry lines mark atmospheric territory, and our gin marks ours: we make it with the Eastern Red Cedar Tree’s juniper berries that grow steps away from our distillery. The Eastern Red Cedar grows east of the 100° Meridian, a dry line that puts South Hollow Spirits on the right side of the map for juniper and more, including our region’s history of Yankee ingenuity.

Dry Line Gin is hand-crafted by meticulous, self-taught distillers and blended with local, organic angelica root. In fact, that root is grown using composted grape skins from Truro Vineyards. In true New England fashion, this gin wastes not. Dry Line Gin is a can-do, know how spirit of high quality botanicals, distilled from 100% sugar cane, that’s perfect over ice, or as the star in any classic cocktail.

Available in 2 sizes, 750ML & 375ML

The tree on Dry Line’s label is a rendering of one of the Eastern Red Cedar Junipers standing over 30 feet high at South Hollow Spirits. The illustration is by William Bolton.

Dedicated to all the bootleggers of Cape Cod.
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